Impact of Budget Cuts

The rich and the poor seem to know that the country is in a deficit crisis. What is happening, more critically, is the divisive views about what should be done to balance the budget.  There also seems to be a “no-win” solution.  We hope you are watching daily news and updates about this matter. The U.S. Budget will affect low-income families for years to come.

There may be several approaches to balancing the budget in the current term of our President:

  1. Cut Domestic Programs
  2. Raise Taxes on the Middle Class and the Rich
  3. Cut Military Spending
  4. Tighten the Belts of American Households

These areas presently divide the political parties, economic classes and even the races in America.  For Community Action, this could mean a reduction in services across the nation. Programs like financial assistance and education may not have sufficient funds to help as many families as in the past.  Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid funding may be cut also. These are matters that have stirred up a heated debate between the two major parties in America. For more information on Budget Cuts and Poverty in America click on the following links:

Find out a little more about the terms, sequestration and fiscal cliff, while also learning how national budget issues affect everyone.  There are many more articles to inform you.  Simply,  search the words “sequestration and fiscal cliff” on Google to understand what is actually developing.


Learn first and then get involved. Your future and that of your children are at stake. To find and contact your elected officials, please Click Here.