2014 Audit Report

2014 Audit

Self Reliance



The aim of Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority is to promote, and teach self reliance.  Most people hear the subject of self sufficiency but the topic has seemed to have lost its meaning in harsh economic times.  We wish to help you determine ways to depend less on social services becaue these resources are dwindling daily.  As news reports indicate, the federal deficit is growing and debates on priorities in spending by Congress is causing divisions and community outrage. 

This organization wishes to refrain from joining class wars but focus its energy in promoting awareness of how people affected by job loss, personal and family problems, substance abuse or controllable issues such as financial can gain control of their lives.  As programs such as energy assistance, rent assistance and emergency food assistance are curtailed, we want to pour all of our talents out in classes to teach you effective ways of handling your personal resources or, for that matter, gaining resources that meet you needs.  Please pay attention and explore this website …….  join classes as we announce them,  check out linkages to other community resources that can help you,  and take a stand to become self-reliant.

You will be proud that you did!


The Staff and Board of Directors of FACAA