December, 2011

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We Really Want To Know: What’s Going On?

Three decades ago, when the late Marvin Gaye made famous in a still popular song, “What’s Going On?”  he proclaimed that “only love can conquer hate.” This answer will be reflected in the next few days when Congress decides if America's budget will fall over the mystical cliff. 

Sadly, I’m afraid, the Marvin Gaye question still has relevance while citizens of the world experience the chaos from country to country, nation to nation and the common thread of discord resounds …. oppressive laws, unfair leadership, hypocrisy, and scornful attacks on the poor. This unrest is just as present in America as can be witnessed in foreign countries where poverty and oppression were once thought to be “par for the course.” In fact, there is more war and distrust throughout the world now, than in anytime in recorded history.  

It’s difficult to predict the outcome of the  bi-party budget arguments over sequestration.  What's left on the table … and the answer is left up to us, ultimately, is How will you and I navigate through the hard times that are inevitably on their way?

What’s going to happen to the poor once programs that have been vital to their mere survival are actually cut?  We know that those who make lots of money are politicking hard to avoid any tax increases.  With the cost of living ever increasing  bit the rewards of working absolutely stagnant, there is no positive future for those who are struggling under current conditions.

There will be questions on the table for a time to come and the most impersonal one is, …….what is America going to do to get back to its greatness?  Will those who have – refrain from castigating those who have not? …. and in the words of Marvin Gaye, “Will we find a way to bring some loving here today?”