More Success Stories


Thanks to the training, Arleshia was able to land a job teaching at a day care center. “The whole idea behind the training was to land a job,” states Coach Tim Harrington. Participants received the construction training, but the employability aspect of the program was the missing link in Arleshia’s chain. An excited and ever grateful Arleshia shared, “The training I received in the employability classes enabled me to secure a job in the area I’m interested in. I gained so much confidence in working with my hands,” she said after acknowledging her self-doubt when it came to her working with the hand tools. The employability component of the program is led by Bill Haskins, career advisor.


The sky’s the limit for this young man…literally. After participating in the Industrial Training program, Wilson is now a new recruit in the United States Air Force. And he says he doubts if he would have made it had it not been for his enrollment in the class. “Some of the questions on the test were directly related to what we had been taught here at FACAA. I really believe this helped me pass the test,” he said.

But not only did FACAA help him pass the test, the organization also helped him during a time of need. Wilson, who traveled by bike, became without transportation after his bike was destroyed. FACAA provided him with a bike that was repaired by our students.

He pedaled 10 miles round trip, but the distance was never too much for him to press toward reaching his goal.


It is amazing to see progress in action. Such is the testimony of John Hicks. This American veteran’s transformation involved him going from being homeless to living in a shelter to having a place of his own to call home. He is a wonderful example of the adage that says it takes teamwork to make the dream work; John worked with FACAA and the Veteran’s Administration. And after he finished FACAA’s program, he was able to enroll in a continuing education program through Atlanta Workforce Development Agency.