Orlando’s new job was quite a pleasant surprise, yet a blessing. “A representative from the company came to FACAA seeking personnel, and I fit the bill.” According to FACAA’s career advisor, William (Bill) Haskins, “He was hired as part of Sovereign’s task order award by the Atlanta Housing Authority to rehab multiple apartments within the senior high-rises that the Authority owns. Orlando’s responsibilities include general labor as well as other managerial responsibilities. Orlando is also being cross trained in construction management and the responsibilities that go along with that duty.” 

McDaniel has always worked well with his hands. His completion of the YouthBuild program (through Cobb Housing and Atlanta Workforce Development) in 2000- 2001 helped lay the foundation for him to get formal training in his career choice of construction. He was able to hone his skills by landing a job in his field. Within only two years, he started his own business, Problem Solvers Construction, as a handyman, offering services to include home repairs of plumbing, sheetrock, floors, tile, roofing, siding, light landscaping, add-ons and basement finishing.

Orlando is excited about his future and is ever grateful for his FACAA experience. “FACAA has been a major plus for me, due to the fact that I touched up on some skills I already had, as well as learned other skills,” he states. “My time at FACAA gave me the understanding I was seeking. They also worked with me as far as finding the right career…something that I was already interested in doing.”

Not only is Orlando appreciative to the organization in general, but he is especially grateful for the staff’s support. “I enjoyed working with Coach Tim (Harrington) and Mr. Bill. They were helpful with dealing with school issues, and they also helped me realize and accomplish personal goals by helping me to create an action plan.” The newlywed young man also added, “They’ve been there to be of guidance for me and my wife by helping us learn to nurture and care for one another, to gain an understanding of life and to find solutions.”