Pathway to Employment

Academy 4 Life’s Job Readiness/Empowerment Track presents an opportunity for program participants to gain or enhance relevant and essential skills that will help prepare them for workplace success. Classes from this track offer participants vital information on topics including resume writing, interviewing skills, image, writing a biographical sketch and embracing change.

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This course begins with a motivational session to help students come to the realization that “I can succeed!” Rather than be a part of the Job Readiness class per se, it has been incorporated into the Core Communications course with the understood premise that one must understand their destiny before they can begin to properly communicate it.

  • Effective Resume Writing – The resume is the most vital piece of written communique a potential employer could ever have. It lists your experience, skills, abilities and other unique factors. Participants will discover the best format for their resume and leave with a new or improved resume.
  • Cover Letter Writing – Cover letters are the documents that open the door for your resume to receive careful attention. You could make it or break it with this one. Participants will exit with a general cover sheet.
  • Developing a Professional Biographical Sketch – Whether you are a corporate executive, professional, entrepreneur or just an everyday, law-abiding citizen, you need a bio. This document provides your audience a bird’s eye view of who you are, what your accomplishments are and the things that make you special. Participants will leave with a new and/or improved bio.
  • Interviewing Skills – This formal meeting between you and a potential employer is very crucial. You must be able to sell yourself, project the demeanor of a winner and come across as someone they would love to have on their team. Participants will leave with enhanced interviewing skills. The basic course outline component is interview do’s and don’ts.
  • Image is Everything – Fads may be cute, but they may not always be appropriate. Participants will leave with a new/better perspective on how to present themselves through their professional appearance.
Source: LinkedIn University

1. Make time – set aside time to update resume, online profiles and search job listings

2. Get noticed – impress recruiters with a professional profile

3. Be keyword savvy – make sure your profile is full of words that will attract a recruiter’s attention

4. Reach out – connect with everyone you know and ask them to keep an eye out for the type of job(s) you are seeking

5. Spread the word – to build credibility, regularly update your status on social networks with information relevant to your field or good career news

6. Get into groups – join groups related to your profession

7. Persist without pestering – following up can help you stand out from other candidates

Employment preparation is incorporated into all of FACAA’s services.  Whether you are seeking emergency services or participating in educational and training programs, you may partake of the face-to-face counseling and guidance or engage in recommended activities that introduce you to solutions that may very well assist your quest for employment.

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