GED Prep

Let Us Help You!

This self-paced program offers participants a welcome environment where pursuing education and learning is encouraged, making your dreams of attaining your GED a reality. We provide GED classes on Saturdays for those who work or participate in other programs during the week. Weekday classes are provided for YouthBuild Students and also to adults who can come by during non-working hours …from 9:00a.m. until 4:30p.m.. Onsite pre-testing is available and regular attendance is required.

We know that best employment opportunities are available to those with High School or GED Diplomas. Nothing works better than a GED if you are attempting to earn a living wage.  Come by and enroll.  Coaching is available and the computer-based program is your companion. 

I. Mission

The mission of FACAA’s GED program is to provide specific education/training services in an effort to improve the overall literacy skills and academic competency levels of students in pursuit of a GED.

II. Courses/Overview

A comprehensive study in preparation for the High School Equivalency Examination – General Educational Development (GED) test. This course of study will cover the five (5) primary subject areas inclusive of Language Arts, Writing & Reading, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

In addition to GED preparation, we will also provide instructional training in the following areas.

  • Computer Instruction
  • Life Skills Instruction – money management, problem solving, decision-making and career planning

Supportive Services will be provided to address barriers that may prevent participants from moving toward their educational goals.

III. Course Prerequisites

  • Adults 18 years and older
  • Complete intake and application process
  • Complete initial TABE test and score 8th grade levels and above
  • Must be motivated and ready to improve his/her life

IV. Course Objectives

  • Students will improve their literacy and basic skills to enable them to become active participants in their communities.
  • Students will be equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to take and pass the GED test.
  • Student’s employability will be enhanced through computer skills instructions.
  • Students will be equipped with the resources necessary to enhance their qualifications for entry-level jobs.


  • Better jobs and pay than those without a diploma
  • Possess a stronger sense of self and personal achievement
  • Good role models for their children and others who may need encouragement to get their GED

Please note: For eligible applicants, an Independent Study is available. We also provide tutoring and English as a second language based upon demand. Apply Today!