Financial Assistance

financial-assistance-pngFinancial assistance is scarce! That’s the truth. Very few agencies possess the fiscal resources to help as many people as may call for assistance. Occasionally, there are funds that can be allocated to assist families and some individuals with financial needs, but there are several challenges most social service organizations face – FACAA included.

Many people who seek financial assistance, have done so year after year through several local agencies. This has become a reality that causes social service agencies to re-think how we provide services.  Since funding is barely available to help people with financial needs, we at FACAA have found it necessary to prioritize those needs as follows:

  • All individuals seeking assistance must participate in financial planning and counseling before consideration of support can be given.  Saturday School attendance is compulsory before assistance can be considered.
  • Emergency Financial Assistance is provided to citizens who are willing to fully participate in the classes that are deemed necessary to assure the agency that they are capable of handling life’s matters without returns for assistance. This aim of FACAA relates to our desire to discourage dependency on governmental and social assistance. Click here for more information on classes.
  • Please do all you can to avoid emergency financial assistance. All requests are considered on individual merit and approval is not guaranteed. Your matter will be handled privately and in confidence once you have attended the classes that are identified according to your need.
  • Persons and families with severe medical needs that are life and death in nature are highest priority. Still, the need has to be determined while FACAA assesses how current costs in the household are being managed.
  • If you have had difficulty obtaining employment, Fulton Atlanta will assist you with referrals and listings that may be of help.

If FACAA has no ability to assist you financially, you will be directed to another agency.  We will assist you with information about agencies that help in situations pertaining to your need and, if necessary, provide advocacy also.  It is important that you remember that funding for this assistance is severely short in most social service agencies.

Click Here for Fiscal Year 2015 Poverty Guidelines

  • To Apply For Financial Assistance, You Must Enroll in Saturday Classes. 
  • FACAA retains the right to decline applications based on eligibility, attendance and classroom participation.