Let Your Voice be Heard

FACAA relies on community leaders and partnerships, which together comprise a group known as the Community Action Councils (CAC), to support the messages and services of the organization. In addition, FACAA establishes partnerships with organizations that speak on issues that affect the poor and voiceless. There are also concerned citizens and residents who are passionate and willing to advocate on the most pressing issues affecting low-income communities.


Putting action into advocacy can be best exemplified in the manner in which FACAA works to help people.

Many examples of advocacy exist and continue to be of concern today.

– The advocacy and impact of the Grady Coalition, of which FACAA belongs, helped hundreds of thousands of Georgia citizens who would have suffered unnecessarily or died because they could not afford the rising costs of prescribed medicine.

– Controversial lending practices are exposed as poor citizens from other advocacy groups and FACAA’s CACs (led by sincere local elected officials), expose predatory lending practices that cause them to lose their homes.

– Even still, many more thousands of Georgians would suffer with no heat during the winter had it not been for the courageous advocacy of the Fair Energy Committee which has advocated for lower energy costs, fair billing and sensitivity to the needs of poor seniors and low-income families.

Hundreds of families each year, would be homeless had it not been for the direct services of FACAA and advocacy to prevent eviction.

The advocacy with the Fulton County Commission, Atlanta City Council and the State Legislature has been constant and strong since the organization was founded. We are always focusing attention on the needs of low-income communities and adding their voice where needed.

These issues include:

  • Assuring Healthcare Programs and Equal Access to Housing
  • Strengthening YouthBuild, Emerald Cities, Employment for Ex-Offenders

  • The Provision of Affordable Housing
  • Eradication or Control on the Practices of Pay-day Loans

  • Committees to Oversee Quality Care at Grady Hospital
  • Partnership For Southern Equity:  Energy, Healthcare, Economic Advantages, Racial Harmony

Empower | Encourage | Engage

FACAA understands how important it is to give low-income citizens a voice. When we educate the community about laws, policies and changes in systems, they speak out on behalf of others in need. This way, FACAA encourages and engages the community. You may wish to join the e-mail list for news and updates about issues in need of your voice or information about upcoming services.