Advocates & CAP

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Advocates are the mainstay of the Community Action Programs across America. Without their input, programs would not be responsive to the needs of the citizens. They speak for the quality of services, retention of programs and legislative policies that govern the way we operate. Their work is voluntary and appreciated.

Nationally, COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAMS strive to help low-income citizens reach a state of self-sufficiency which is performed according to the assessed needs of the communities in which they operate. This is an awesome task as it involves the cooperation of many agencies, government and above all, the people in need to synchronize values, purposes and actions to achieve a well-rounded community in which all persons, organizations and systems thrive adequately.

While this “Promise” seems ambitious, the National Community Action Partnership takes the lead in establishing a countrywide tone for what all agencies should embrace. Established in 1964 as one of the initiatives of L.B. Johnson’s, War on Poverty, Community Action Agencies collectively seek solutions to end poverty in America.  FACAA collaborates with State and Regional Associations that provide similar services also.