We Really Want To Know: What’s Going On?

Three decades ago, when the late Marvin Gaye made famous in a still popular song, “What’s Going On?”  he proclaimed that “only love can conquer hate.” This answer will be reflected in the next few days when Congress decides if America's budget will fall over the mystical cliff. 

Sadly, I’m afraid, the Marvin Gaye question still has relevance while citizens of the world experience the chaos from country to country, nation to nation and the common thread of discord resounds …. oppressive laws, unfair leadership, hypocrisy, and scornful attacks on the poor. This unrest is just as present in America as can be witnessed in foreign countries where poverty and oppression were once thought to be “par for the course.” In fact, there is more war and distrust throughout the world now, than in anytime in recorded history.  

It’s difficult to predict the outcome of the  bi-party budget arguments over sequestration.  What's left on the table … and the answer is left up to us, ultimately, is How will you and I navigate through the hard times that are inevitably on their way?

What’s going to happen to the poor once programs that have been vital to their mere survival are actually cut?  We know that those who make lots of money are politicking hard to avoid any tax increases.  With the cost of living ever increasing  bit the rewards of working absolutely stagnant, there is no positive future for those who are struggling under current conditions.

There will be questions on the table for a time to come and the most impersonal one is, …….what is America going to do to get back to its greatness?  Will those who have – refrain from castigating those who have not? …. and in the words of Marvin Gaye, “Will we find a way to bring some loving here today?” 

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  1. Upon contacting the DFCS agency here in Fulton County, I was told, after inquiring about certain services, to call 404-320-0166 as the only phone number anyone even fairly knowledgeable had to offer. However, when I called that number I got only another phone number for a program that I was not interested in and nothing else; nothing concerning what I needed information on. Well, just to try thinking I might get someone on that other line that might be able to help me, I called the other number (404-320-6715) but it just rang and rang and rang. This was at 11:00am on a Thursday, so we aren’t talking about lunch time on a Friday when most folks are halfway out the door for the weekend anyway. How is anybody supposed to get any help if none of the services are actually offering services to the community? There was even another number listed when I did a google search (404-523-7590)and this number isn’t even in service anymore.

    • The same thing happen to me but from another agency the salvation army on luckie st. I been calling them for five months they answers and hang up I call them again but this time they put the answers machine on I call at normal hours they just got sorry ass people who don’t take this seriously

  2. Takia Cooper says:

    I woke up at 7:00 am on Dec 1st to be ready to call 404,320-0166 and 404-320-6715 only to get a sore thumb from constantly re-sailing and the busy signal. When I got someone to finally answer on Dec 2nd at 4:25p.m. she (Tavia) had a bad attitude and cut me off several times while she over talked me to say we no longer have any funds for Liheap Energy Assistance. I’m not understanding how I failed all day for two days from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. She told me I need to check the website daily to know when they will have funds again. Well the website says the same thing it said before the first day to start calling. So unprofessional and misleading. I really need the energy assistance due to termination, no income coming in and fighting unemployment. Sad!

    • michael jimenez says:

      I looking for housing,I relocated and work in Atlanta for 22yrs. I had three surgically for a tumor in my brain and I applied with AHA for housing and I heard it’s very difficult get an apartment. Then I go to apartment that I can afford and the office say you have to make three times your earnings. I’m paying three times my earnings now.

  3. Mariel Davis says:

    I’m a grand mother of five I have four kids living with me here in Georgia,I moved here from Nashville, Tn I came here to make a better life for me and my grand babies, I found that the system doesn’t work for mothers here I came here thinking things would be better. That not true I applied for some help hear and I have been through a lot for four kids they give you cash assistant is only $330.00 and for food stamps they only give me $47.00 dollars this is a outrage I don’t know how to feed four kids with 47.00 dollars what can I get to last a month. I need help I don’t know what else to do or where to turn at this point someone please reach out to me tell me what to do and where to go for food.615-596-2135 my names is Mariel Davis the system is not working for us here.

  4. Margie Wiltz says:

    I am a working Atlanta artist. I have been on stages of Atlanta theaters for over 12 years. I am a member of Actors Equity and have found it more and have been disappointed by the way the artist is not seen as a viable, working individual. The arts industry–apart from movies and television–bring in millions dollars for the Atlanta economy and yet there is no real net of support in Atlanta for the artist to sustain between jobs. I am working on building a new network here in Atlanta but was wondering if there is anything that FACAA has in place for the working artist?

  5. Bernie says:

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  6. Linda Williams says:

    I am a senior citizen who has worked hard all my life to sustain a comfortable lifestyle for my family. Unfortunately, life happened and I was unable to keep up with winter heating costs and needed assistance. I found out through friends that this community fund was available and I began calling in November. I was given a December 5th appointment and due to circumstances beyond my control I could not make it and tried to reschedule, which brings me to eventually receiving an appointment April 24. Sadly, the utility bills I had last received were not up to date and I was told I could come back Saturday, April 28th, the last day to receive assistance. I arrived Saturday at 9:30 for the 10AM opening of the center. There was over a hundred people in front of me and over time the same number in back of me. I have the following recommendations having listened to conversations around me.
    1. There needs to be clearer instructions on the documentation needed. I had to go online to obtain the most recent billings and due to problems with websites, had to have Georgia Power email me the bill. I receive Social Security and had my year end statement, but since my payments are direct deposits I found that I could go online and register to have access to my benefits and download a statement of monthly payments.
    2. If documents are checked on arrival to the center, it would avoid unnecessary wait time.
    3. If applicants are requested not only to bring proper documents, but have copies made where possible, it would reduce the center’s cost and add to less confusion and wait time.

    Lastly, I applaud the staff for the work that they do and the way they encouraged the participants with progress reports. The number of people was unexpected, but they did their best to accommodate everyone and I am deeply appreciative of their efforts. I am ever so grateful for the assistance I received.

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