Leadership Team

Dr. Joyce J. Dorsey
Dr. Joyce J. Dorsey has worked arduously as FACAA's leader and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the entire organization. She has been the President and CEO since FACAA’s inception in 1991. Dorsey attributes her success at the helm of this organization to the dedicated board members of FACAA who allowed her to grow, along with her deeply committed staff, all with whom she works closely. Deeply committed to improving the lives of Atlanta's low income community, she works with a staff of advocates and community leaders who work face to face with the grassroots and public leaders to make the mission of the agency a reality. Her staff works diligently with her to provide services that are relevant to the needs of the people FACAA serves. The organization receives input from the community annually with surveys and responses that give the staff information about programs that are best suited to help them emerge from economic despair. Advocate, Administrator, Public Speaker and Inspirational Leader, Dr. Dorsey demonstrates her commitment to the needs of the low income citizens of Atlanta and Fulton County on all levels of government, civic affairs, ecumenical relations and media awareness of their needs and aspirations. Dr. Dorsey serves on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations including the Regional and State Community Action Associations that speak up on behalf of the voiceless. She's a voice for those without a voice but a motivator and teacher for those seeking ways to be heard.
Sharon D. Quinn
Vice President of Programs and Service
An attentive, detail oriented support system for any effective leader and organization, the CEO and Board of Directors depend upon the administrative skills of Sharon Quinn. She is the record keeper for all administrative activities, assuring timely organizational registrations for governmental and private operations. As the CEO's liaison to the Board of Directors, Ms. Quinn assures proper messaging and meeting arrangements for all members, records, board actions and provides direction for implementing agency's strategic planning, record-keeping and compliance. She has over two decades of multiple faceted organizational experiences in corporate activities prior to her tenure at FACAA to contribute to her present role as direct aide to the President and CEO. Her experience with FACAA began in 1997 and is greatly relied upon by the President/CEO, Chairman of the Board, staff, and community advisors.
Christian A. Onwusibe, CPA
Vice President of Finance
Fulton Atlanta’s first employee rose from the ranks of its sole accountant to Director of Finance. His background in accounting provided him with the qualities needed for exactness and leadership. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and designation as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), he has provided efficient oversight and implementation of fiscal practices that have earned the agency an impressive track record of uninterrupted streams of positive audits, consistent with accounting principles and integrity along with his team of accountants and assistants. FACAA relies on the skills of this financial leader.
Patricia N. Bullock, MA
Vice President of Administration
As a member of the staff since FACAA’s initial program year, Mrs. Bullock has held several positions of leadership. Responsible for contract administration, human resources and property control, her discipline and quality management is relied upon quite heavily to oversee outreach sites and remain current with policy and legal developments that affect the organizational operations and the workforce. Mrs. Bullock is active in her community and contributes her talents in volunteerism and program support for youth, ex-offenders and programs within her church.