Milestones 2010 – Present

2010   BLOG TALK RADIO became a community education component and announcement vehicle for those willing to learn new strategies of coping with economic challenges. The President of the United States implemented the American Recovery and Investment Act (ARRA) of 2009. All over America, organizations, local governments and corporations took advantage of a stimulus opportunity to perform services and projects that put people back to work and boosted the economy to address an economic recession never witnessed in the current generation. FACAA hired 34 additional employees and assisted over 4,000 people through the provision of foreclosure and eviction prevention, utility assistance and food, expending upwards of $3.1 million from the Stimulus Program. FACAA made a $50,000 partnership investment with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, which enabled YouthBuild students the opportunity to get involved in building  a home for an Atlanta working family.

2011 This was the most challenging year of FACAA’s existence!!!! With record unemployment and the City of Atlanta hosting the largest foreclosure census in the South and maybe the nation, there were and still remain challenges that were not anticipated since the early 1960’s …. or even the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Fulton Atlanta launched its newest training class,  “BE YOUR OWN BOSS” during the American Recovery and Re-investment Act (ARRA) of 2009. However, this program became a main service for those who could not find employment in 2011.

Fulton Atlanta YouthBuild concluded it’s sixth successful program cycle.  Now, over 100 youth have completed this training and more than an additional 100 have entered the program with needs that had to be addressed through extra referrals and educational services.

2012  Educational classes and services were reduced because of federal cuts to community action programs.  As programs are being restored,  activities are announced through this website and can be found in the community news section. Federal cuts have affected the much anticipated help for those who need energy assistance, rent and mortgage assistance and the general services of community action programs.  It has been the aim of FACAA to persevere in spite of changing economic times, using cost-saving operational methods, volunteers and creative ways to communicate with those in need of support during trying times.

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