atl-facaa timeline

1991  The organization was established. The first CEO was Joyce J. Dorsey, who still remains as the organization’s leader. The first Chairman of the Board of Directors was Arthur B. Cummings, Sr.

1992   FACAA convened the Atlanta Summit Against Poverty under the leadership of Mayor Maynard Jackson.

1993   FACAA established in-house ABE/GED classes, Youth Leadership Sessions and strengthened its community presence.

1994   Established a community housing development organization. We subsequently became a certified housing counseling organization, creating the Fulton Atlanta Community Housing Development Organization (FA-CHDO), with Joyce J. Dorsey serving as CEO.

1995   Formed YouthBuild Services; joined YouthBuild USA and rehabilitated three low-income homes. The Chairperson for the Board of Directors was Mrs. Flossie Mae Grier.

1996   The first YouthBuild grant application was funded, which enabled the rebuilding of two homes that were donated by Citizens Trust Bank in the Pittsburgh community of Atlanta and youth participation in the rehabilitation of Cascade Oaks Apartments.

1997   Purchased and rehabilitated Cascade Oaks Apartments with tax credits and Section 108 loans. It was also during this year that we launched English as a Second Language (ESL) services.  The Chairman for the Board of Directors was Dr. Walter D. Branch, Sr.

1998   As a member agency of the National Community Action Partnership, FACAA’s CEO, Joyce J. Dorsey put her bid in as Secretary of the National Community Action Partnership Board of Directors and won! She also represents Georgia in  the S.E. Association Community Action Partnership.