audit 2The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority determines its annual service strategy according to:

  1. Citizen needs assessment input

  2. National service trends

  3. Availability of funds

As does each community action agency, FACAA reports statistical data of its service and fiscal activities to state, federal and national sources in order to combine data which reflects a comprehensive reporting of measures to alleviate poverty. Annual audits attest to FACAA’s performance and reliable management of grants, contracts and contributions. Please feel free to check out our latest corporate audits.  FACAA takes extra initiative to demonstrate the care with which we officiate grants and contributions that aid in the services we provide.  We thank the Board of Directors and the Finance Team, along with the service providers employed by FACAA for their arduous work to Help People and Change Lives.  The Spirit of Community Action shows in our work!

Click below to examine our recent audits.  FACAA works hard to demonstrate excellence in accounting for donations and grants that Help People and Change Lives.

2017 Audit | 2016 Audit

2015 Audit | 2014 Audit2013 Audit2012 Audit | 2011 Audit | 2010 Audit

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